Tom Lane <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Greg Stark <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Updated patch. Fixed a few minor things, added documentation and regression
> > tests. Unfortunately I can't test the regression tests because I get a
> > segmentation fault earlier in the same file due to a GIN index build. So I
> > haven't updated the "expected" output.
> What's the status of this patch --- have you done anything more with it
> since the 13-Jul submission?

I haven't done anything. I was mostly waiting until I got some feedback about
the code quality. I figured if there were parts that had to be reworked or
fixed up I would prefer to do that first before worrying about perfecting
details which is all that I believe remain.

The only items that remain that I'm aware of are:

a) Rename the command and make psql recognize it

b) print a message when the wait finishes if we printed one when it started
   and possibly look into making an option to print the messages even if it
   doesn't have to wait at all -- currently it only prints the message if it
   sleeps at least once.

I think the patch includes a more than adequate quantity of documentation
though I haven't reread it since I wrote it and possibly it may need editing.

Also, I don't recall writing any regression tests. But regression tests are
kind of a joke here. It would be reasonable to toss one in just to ensure that
we don't break non-transactional commands in psql or the grammar, but really
no regression test based on a single psql connection is going to be able to
test any of the potential bugs we hashed through at the code sprint to get
this to work. It won't even be able to reach a big chunk of the code.

  Gregory Stark

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