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From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] <Alvaro Herrera>
Date: 25.08.2006 00:50:59
Subject: Re: [PATCHES] Updatable views

> Minor suggestion: change get_view_qualification_function to look the
> function by Oid rather than name.  I wasn't sure it was actually a good
> idea to use a function that way, but if it's going to stay ...
> Another: remove create_nothing_rule, replace with call to
> create_rule_stmt.
> Another: change hasRule to return a bool instead of an Oid.
> Another: instead of a comment like this:
>     /*
>      * XXX It seems to me that these checks are not necessary; and further,
>      * they are useless.  This is because the view is just being created,
>      * thus it cannot have any rules before the ones we are going to
>      * create.
>      * 
>      * XXX What about CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW ???
>      */
> have a single paragraph explaining why the replace flag is needed.

Okay, i'll sent a reworked version asap, but can't get to it before monday.
I'm away from my machine this weekend and have only sporadic access
to my email.


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