this is inaccurate, irresponsible and insulting to those of us who spend time maintaining pgfoundry. It is not a graveyard. Plenty of stuff outside the core gets included in packaged distributions - just see for example what goes into the Windows distro, or the packages that CP distributes.


Your attitude has been lacking about this whole thing, as has a lot of other people. PgFoundry is the official sub project site for PostgreSQL.

It is not a graveyard, projects on PgFoundry should receive full advocacy and promotion about their abilities and their linkage PostgreSQL.

If we spent half as much time promoting and helping the various sub project succeed as we doing whining on this list, we would be far more dominant in the industry then we are.

I am sick of all the moaning that goes on, with this list about -- "oh please, we need this in core". It is a crock we have a huge repository of PostgreSQL projects that are not in core and this attitude is detrimental and negative to all who are involved with those projects.

When full disjunctons is ready, I am sure it will be considered for core. It currently is not and pgFoundry is the perfect place for until until then.

We can still promote and announce we have a full disjunctions implementation, just as we can advertise we have full text indexing.


Joshua D. Drake


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