Jonah H. Harris wrote:
Y'know I was gonna check up on that because my recollection was that it was a 2/2 split as well, though I thought that was of people who made their view clear rather than just -core (whose opinion in this case is no more important than any of the other long time contributors imho). Don't suppose you noted the views of the other 6?

As counted, regarding inclusion in /contrib the thread sits at 5 for,
4 against, and 1 seems to lean toward making it a contrib.

Just in case my counting is wrong, this is what I've marked:

Tzahi Fadida - For
Bruce Momjian - Against
AgentM - Possibly For
Tom Lane - Against
Jonah Harris - For
David Fetter - For
Josh Drake - Against
Andrew Dunstan - Against
Josh Berkus - For
Dave Page - For

Well, I don't think all your 9 qualify as long time contributors, if you want to count numbers.

Even if there is a vote in favor, somebody has to commit it and take responsibility for it. I at least don't have time right now.



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