what's the problem with COPY view TO, other than you don't like it? :-)
That was the beginning and is used in production
according to the original authors.

> I also broke the check for a FOR UPDATE clause.  Not sure where but it
> must be easy to fix :-)  I'd do it myself but I'm heading to bed right
> now.


> I also wanted to check these hunks in your patch, which I didn't like
> very much:
> -ERROR:  column "a" of relation "test" does not exist
> +ERROR:  column "a" does not exist

It was because of too much code sharing. I fixed it by passing
the relation name to CopyGetAttnums() in the relation case,
so the other regression tests aren't bothered now.

The docs and the regression test is modified according to your version.

Best regards,
Zoltán Böszörményi

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