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Zoltan Boszormenyi wrote:
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Alvaro Herrera wrote:
Böszörményi Zoltán wrote:

what's the problem with COPY view TO, other than you don't like it? :-)
The problem is that it required a ugly piece of code.  Not supporting it
means we can keep the code nice.  The previous discussion led to this
conclusion anyway so I don't know why we are debating it again.
What is so ugly about it? I haven't looked at the code, but I am curious to know.

It used a "SELECT * FROM %s" string that was passed back to the parser.

I also don't recall the consensus being quite so clear cut. I guess there is a case for saying that if it's not allowed then you know that "COPY relname TO" is going to be fast. But, code aesthetics aside, the reasons for disallowing it seem a bit thin, to me.
I would say the timing difference between
"COPY table TO" and "COPY (SELECT * FROM table) TO"
was  noise, so it's not even faster.

Remember that we were talking about supporting views, not tables.  And
if a view uses a slow query then you are in immediate danger of having a
slow COPY.  This may not be a problem but it needs to be discussed and
an agreement must be reached before introducing such a change (and not
during feature freeze).

COPY relname TO meant tables _and_ views to me.
My previous tsting showed no difference between
COPY table TO and COPY (SELECT * FROM table) TO.
Similarly a slow query defined in the view should show
no difference between COPY view TO and

And remember, Bruce put the original COPY view TO
patch into the unapplied queue, without the SELECT

Rewriting COPY view TO internally to
COPY (SELECT * FROM view) TO is very
straightforward, even if you think it's ugly.
BTW, why is it ugly if I call raw_parser()
from under src/backend/parser/*.c ?
It is on a query distinct to the query the parser
is currently running. Or is it the recursion
that bothers you? It's not a possible infinite

And an updatable VIEW *may* allow COPY view FROM...

May I remind you that we've been in feature freeze for four weeks
already?  Now it's *not* the time to be drooling over cool features that
would be nice to have

Noted. However, as the COPY view TO is
a straight internal rewrite, a COPY view FROM
could also be. Even if it's a long term development.
I wasn't proposing delaying beta.

Best regards,
Zoltán Böszörményi

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