Alvaro Herrera írta:
Zoltan Boszormenyi wrote:

I think at this point is someone else's judgement whether you can put it
back or not.  Tom already said that he doesn't object to the feature per
se; no one else seems opposed to the feature per se, in fact.

Now, I don't really see _how_ to do it in nice code, so no, I don't have
any suggestion for you.  You may want to give the pumpkin to Tom so that
he gives the patch the finishing touches (hopefully making it support
the "COPY view" feature as well).

If it were up to me, I'd just commit it as is (feature-wise -- more
thorough review is still needed) and revisit the COPY view stuff in 8.3
if there is demand.
OK, I will put it back as it was in v8
keeping all your other cleanup and
let Bruce and Tom decide.

Hum, are you going to put back the original cruft to support copy view?
I suggest you don't do that.

Well, the other way around is to teach heap_open()
to use views. Brrr. Would it be any cleaner?

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