Peter Eisentraut a écrit :
> Guillaume Lelarge wrote:
>> I've tried to work on the first one, the ISO day field. My patch is
>> attached and is against CVS HEAD. It only takes care of the code,
>> nothing is done for documentation matter. It works with me :
>> toto=# select to_char(('2006-10-'||a+2)::date, 'DAY') as "dow",
>>    to_char(('2006-10-'||a+2)::date, 'ID') as "ID field",
>>    to_char(('2006-10-'||a+2)::date, 'D') as "D field"
>>    from generate_series(1, 15) as a;
> There is an inconsistency here:  'IYYY' is the four-digit ISO year, 'IW' 
> is the two-digit ISO week, but 'ID' would be the one-digit ISO 
> day-of-the-week.  I'm not sure we can fix that, but I wanted to point 
> it out.

Is there a two digit ISO day of the week ? If not, we should use ID. As
you say, I don't know what we can do about that. I used Brendan Jurd's
idea, perhaps he can tell us more on this matter.

> We should also support a format for ISO day-of-the-year, which might 
> be 'IDDD'.

I will work tomorrow on this one.


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