Peter Eisentraut wrote:
> Here is an updated updated XML patch.  Unless there are objections of 
> the sort that this approach is totally wrong or there is crash 
> potential, I'd like to get this committed this week and fill in the 
> gaps next year.

Great.  The XML section of the datatypes documentation will need to be
updated.  I can do that once you are done.

> Old News:
> > Attached is an updated patch for XML functionality, which subsumes
> > all earlier patches on the subject.  This includes a data type with
> > format checking, and functions to mangle values.  For the moment, I
> > have cut out the inessential stuff such as xpath.  The included
> > regression test file xml.sql shows some of the things that work.
> >
> > This patch already covers most of the parser work.  What is left
> > hereafter is adjusting all the corner cases, the escaping rules, and
> > the various XML parser behaviors.
> >
> > Use configure --with-libxml to build.
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> Peter Eisentraut

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