Guillaume Smet wrote:
> Hi Bruce,
> Thanks for your answer.
> On 1/12/07, Bruce Momjian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > We have the ability to conditionally print statements based on error
> > level, but LOG isn't a valid level for log_min_error_statement.
> >
> > We could add a parameter that few people would use, but the right way to
> > do this is to log all queries.
> >
> > We do not allow unlimited logging control or the system would be too
> > complex.
> That's not what I had in mind. I was asking if the text of the query
> was available when logging the temp file usage. If so it could be good
> to add a DETAIL line with it directly and systematically when logging
> the temp file usage.
> Sure that if you log every query, you could find which query was
> responsible for that  temp file but I suspect that this new log
> feature will be used on production servers and so usually without
> statement logging enabled.
> IMHO, it's really important to know which queries are responsible for
> the temp file usage.
> If the text of the query is not available when logging the temp file
> usage then I agree that we cannot do anything.

Usually people don't want th query unless they ask for it.  One nify
trick would be to print the query as DETAIL unless they are already
logging queries, but that just seems too complex.  If you want the
query, why not just log them all?

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