Hi Bruce,

   I have not been able to send this file across since the last two days.
In the past I have been able to send 31KB attachments to patches, but I
donno why it's not getting through this time. I have tried different levels
of compression in different formats, and still it won't let the mail

   If it doesn't get through to the list even this time, can you please do
the needful and get it posted on the patches.

Best regards,

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This is the second installment of the Index Adviser patch. It contains the
item number (2) mentioned below.

On 1/13/07, Gurjeet Singh < [EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

 Hi All,

    Please find attached two patches:

1) pg_post_planner_plugin-REL8_2_STABLE-v1.patch.gz
2) pg_index_adviser-REL8_2_STABLE-v26.patch.gz

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Attachment: pg_index_adviser-REL8_2_STABLE-v26.7z
Description: Binary data

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