>         Please find attached two patches:
>     1) pg_post_planner_plugin-REL8_2_STABLE-v1.patch.gz
>     2) pg_index_adviser-REL8_2_STABLE-v26.patch.gz

Why are these patches against 8.2 rather than CVS HEAD? Is this not a
new feature? We never backport new features to the stable branches -
that's what makes them stable ;-)

Good point... I always worked only on a tag or a branch, knowing that it is
in some stable state, and won't have to be bothered by critical (and
sometimes un-compilable) changes to the source tree.

These patches *should* apply cleanly to the head too, since the first one
touches the code in very stable places and the second one contains only new
files. I'll port these patches to the head and get back to the list.


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