> But does it really help if you don't have the generator?
> I don't use UUIDs much myself, but I think in all cases I've seen that
> use the uuid type in SQL Server they're also using the generator function.
> Those that just store UUIDs in the database often just uses varchar - in
> order to be more portable, I guess.

There could be many algorithms to generate a guid. I guess we will get
into a big debate on that, which is not much useful i guess (seeing the
posts last year).

In most cases I have seen the guid is generated by the client. In case
of M$ Sql is also can be generated on the server but, in our case we
generate the guids ourselves because with our algorithm we can trace the
guid back to where it exactly was originated. (app requirement)

One thing is for sure, having varchar to store guids ( varchar(32) ) is
not that efficient.


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