Magnus Hagander wrote:
> Gevik Babakhani wrote:
> >> I'd be willing to accept a core uuid type sans generator function,
> >> but is that really all that useful?
> >>
> >  This is also a point I remember from the last discussions. To not to
> > include the generator in the core. The generation of the uuid is then
> > going to be on the client side.
> > 
> > The uuid type is very useful, especially when migrating from other
> > systems to pg  (ms->pg or syb->pg).
> But does it really help if you don't have the generator?

We could have all the type code in core, and the generator in contrib or
pgfoundry.  That way the user can choose the most appropriate generator,
even if it's platform-specific.  Or he can choose to use a client-side

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