Mark Kirkwood wrote:
The name for the define variable could perhaps be better - feels silly adding -DLINUX_PROFILE on Freebsd! (maybe just PROFILE or GPROF_PROFILE?).

That wasn't my choice, there is other code elsewhere that depends on that symbol, I just added a little bit more.

Right - but LINUX_PROFILE was added to correct Linux specific oddities with the time counter accumulation, whereas your patch is not Linux specific at all. So I think a more representative symbol is required.

In fact - thinking about this a bit more, probably a construction like:

#if defined(LINUX_PROFILE) || defined(PROFILE)

or similar would work - because I think those of us not on Linux do *not* want to define LINUX_PROFILE, as our timer accumulation for forked process works fine as it is...but we don't want to make Linux guys have to define LINUX_PROFILE *and* PROFILE...

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