Bruce Momjian wrote:
> Your patch has been added to the PostgreSQL unapplied patches list at:
> It will be applied as soon as one of the PostgreSQL committers reviews
> and approves it.

I think the SELECT query is short on quoting and schema-qualification
for the target sequence.

Also it should probably be adjusted to use strlcpy instead of strcpy.
Coding style seems a bit off.  Also, since this is likely to be
expensive, it may be better to show the value only on \dS+, not plain

Not sure what else.  That's what jumps at me.

I think we discussed replacing the current sequence representation with
a single relation that would contain all sequences in the database, so
that you could do "select * from pg_sequence" and get all the values in
one go.  The idea was considered not implementable at the time due to us
not having "non transactional relations", but I'd suggest adding it to
the TODO so that we don't forget later.

Alvaro Herrera                      
The PostgreSQL Company - Command Prompt, Inc.

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