On Wed, 7 Feb 2007, Jeremy Drake wrote:

> Here is a patch to add these functions to core.  Please take a look and
> let me know what you think.  I had to jump through a bit of a hoop to
> avoid opr_sanity test from breaking, may not have done that right.
> Also, this patch allows regexp_replace to take more flags, since my two
> new functions needed flags also, I split flag parsing into a seperate
> function and made regexp_replace use it too.  It also results that the
> error message for an invalid flag in regexp_replace changes, since it is
> now more generic as it is called from multiple functions.
> I still need to write documentation for the new functions before I
> consider the patch completed, but please take a look at the code and see
> if it is acceptable as I do not have any further changes planned for it.

I have added documentation for the functions in this patch.  At this point
I am ready to submit this patch for the review and application process.
Please let me know if you find any issues with it.

Thank you

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