Brendan Jurd escribió:
> On 2/17/07, Tom Lane <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >Yes, it was: you now have two duplicate tests in timestamp.sql, and
> >no corresponding test in timestamptz.sql.  It looks to me like the
> >submitter intended to be testing timestamp_tbl in the former file
> >and the same tests against timestamptz_tbl in the latter.  Please
> >recheck the diff and fix.
> >
> Tom's right.  Looking back at the patch, it was a simple coding error.
> The test in timestamptz.sql should have been querying TIMESTAMPTZ_TBL
> not TIMESTAMP_TBL.  The intent was to run the same tests against both
> timestamp and timestamptz.

Thanks for the clarification.  Would you have a look at the tests as
they are now and confirm that that's what you wanted?

> I'll have a patch for proper handling of invalid formatting codes
> soon.  And I'll be sure to test it in every way I can find to do so.


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