Pavel Stehule wrote:

this patch ensures independency datetime fields on current datestyle setting. Add new internal datestyle USE_XSD_DATESTYLE. It's almoust same to USE_ISO_DATESTYLE. Differences are for timestamp:

ISO: yyyy-mm-dd hh24:mi:ss
XSD: yyyy-mm-ddThh24:mi:ss


I agree that we should have some support for XSD date style so that we can produce validatable XML documents. In fact I had to make just such a transformation on data pulled from Postgres recently in application code to get a document to validate.

However, I have not seen this topic discussed on -hackers. The way we work is that ideas about features should be discussed there before you submit a patch. For one thing, -hackers has a somewhat wider set of readers than -patches. Also, you might well get good ideas about any likely difficulties. Just lobbing a patch for an undiscussed feature over the wall like this is not good practice. You should get signoff on the idea before you start coding, even for fairly small changes.



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