"FAST PostgreSQL" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> - The log output will be in COPY format and will include the following 
> information, irrespective of the log_line_prefix setting.
> ( timestamp_with_milliseconds,  timestamp, username,  databasename, 
> sessionid,  host_and_port, host, proc_id, command_tag,  session_start, 
> transaction_id,  error_severity,  SQL_State_Code, statement/error_message);

How exactly are you fitting the message structure
(primary/detail/context lines) into this?  It looks like your proposal
loses that structure ...

A smaller problem is that this forces people to incur a gettimeofday
call for every message logged; depending on your hardware that can be a
pretty nasty overhead.  Some people might find some of the other columns
not worth their weight, either.  Is it worth providing a knob to
determine the set of columns emitted?

                        regards, tom lane

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