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On 2/22/07, Teodor Sigaev <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
How long is average length of strings in table?

test=# SELECT MIN(length(word)), MAX(length(word)), AVG(length(word))
FROM lieu_mots_gin;
min | max |        avg
 1 |  38 | 7.4615463141373282
(1 row)

I don't see how to have a more precise similarity without having the
number of entries registered by the indexed value somewhere.

I think it can be interesting for other flavours of GIN usage. Is
there a way to add the number of entries of the considered indexed
item to the consistent prototype without adding too much overhead and

You're right, it would be nice.
This is what we need for faster ranking in tsearch2, since currently we should
consult heap to get positional information, which slowdowns search.
We didn't investigate the possibility to keep additional information with
index, but keep in mind, that everything should works without index.

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