On 2/22/07, Oleg Bartunov <oleg@sai.msu.su> wrote:
You're right, it would be nice.
This is what we need for faster ranking in tsearch2, since currently we should
consult heap to get positional information, which slowdowns search.
We didn't investigate the possibility to keep additional information with
index, but keep in mind, that everything should works without index.

OK, thanks for your answer. If you do it one day or another, please
take into account the case of pg_trgm too as it will be far faster if
we can access to the number of entries of the indexed value in the
consistent function. As this information is available if you don't use
the index, it won't be a problem, I think.

Is there anything else I should fix/improve in this patch?

It could be nice to test it on other distribution of words and see if
it performs better than gist in other cases too. I'll try to test it
here on another table we need to index with tsearch2.


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