Heikki Linnakangas wrote:
One complaint we've heard from clients trying out EDB or PostgreSQL is that loading data is slower than on other DBMSs.

I ran oprofile on a COPY FROM to get an overview of where the CPU time is spent. To my amazement, the function at the top of the list was PageAddItem with 16% of samples.

On every row, PageAddItem will scan all the line pointers on the target page, just to see that they're all in use, and create a new line pointer. That adds up, especially with narrow tuples like what I used in the test.

Attached is a fix for that. It adds a flag to each heap page that indicates that "there isn't any free line pointers on this page, so don't bother trying". Heap pages haven't had any heap-specific per-page data before, so this patch adds a HeapPageOpaqueData-struct that's stored in the special space.

My simple test case of a COPY FROM of 10000000 tuples took 19.6 s without the patch, and 17.7 s with the patch applied. Your mileage may vary.

What is the speedup with less narrow tuples? 10% improvement is good but not stellar.



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