> If you have the need to ship a product with Postgres embedded in it and
> are unable to change kernel settings (like myself), this might be of use
> to you. I have tested all of the failure situations I could think of by
> various combinations of deleting lockfiles while in use, changing the
> PID inside the lockfile and trying to restart and run more than one
> postmaster simultaneously.
> Of course, this since this requires both POSIX and SysV shared memory,
> this doesn't increase the portability of Postgres which might make it
> less appropriate for mass distribution; I thought I would put it out
> there for any feedback either way.

Well that depends, what systems don't use (or have) POSIX shared memory?
This sounds very interesting to me. Oddly enough I went to do some
digging on what various differences and I came up with:


Which happens to be you ;)


Joshua D. Drake

> Thanks again,
> Chris Marcellino
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