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I tried this patch bug found this regression failure:

  -- Considering only built-in procs (prolang = 12), look for multiple uses
  -- of the same internal function (ie, matching prosrc fields).  It's OK to
  -- have several entries with different pronames for the same internal 
  -- but conflicts in the number of arguments and other critical items should
  -- be complained of.  (We don't check data types here; see next query.)
  -- Note: ignore aggregate functions here, since they all point to the same
  -- dummy built-in function.
  SELECT p1.oid, p1.proname, p2.oid, p2.proname
  FROM pg_proc AS p1, pg_proc AS p2
  WHERE p1.oid < p2.oid AND
      p1.prosrc = p2.prosrc AND
      p1.prolang = 12 AND p2.prolang = 12 AND
      (p1.proisagg = false OR p2.proisagg = false) AND
      (p1.prolang != p2.prolang OR
       p1.proisagg != p2.proisagg OR
       p1.prosecdef != p2.prosecdef OR
       p1.proisstrict != p2.proisstrict OR
       p1.proretset != p2.proretset OR
       p1.provolatile != p2.provolatile OR
       p1.pronargs != p2.pronargs);
   oid  |   proname   | oid  |   proname
   2931 | xpath_array | 2932 | xpath_array
  (1 row)

This is because you are calling xpath_array with 2 and 3 arguments.
Seems we don't do this anywhere else.

I also had to add a #ifdef USE_LIBXML around xml_xmlnodetotext(). Please
research a fix to this an resubmit.  Thanks.

I'll fix these issues and extend the patch with resgression tests and
docs for xpath_array(). I'll resubmit it very soon.

Best regards,

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