Jeremy Drake wrote:
The patch has been sitting in the unapplied patches queue for a while, and
the inevitable bitrot finally caught up with it.  This version of the
patch is exactly the same as the one in the patches queue, except for
using new, non-conflicting oids for the functions.
Applied -- thanks for the patch. BTW, a few cosmetic comments:

* #includes should be sorted alphabetically (unless another #include sort order rules take precedence, like including "postgres.h" first).

* patch included some trailing CR line endings

* IMHO using "++var" in the increment component of a for loop is bad style in C (if only because it is needlessly inconsistent; good C++ style is not necessarily good C style)

* Comments like "/* get text type oid, too lazy to do it some other way */" do not exactly inspire confidence :)


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