On Thu, 22 Mar 2007, Tom Lane wrote:

> AFAIR, the reason there's no TextPGetDatum (and ditto for lots of other
> datatypes) is lack of obvious usefulness.  A function dealing with a
> "text *" doesn't normally have reason to convert that to a Datum until
> it returns --- and at that point PG_RETURN_TEXT_P is the thing to use.
> Do you have a counterexample, or does this just suggest that the regexp
> function patch needs some refactoring?

If you are asking why I have reason to convert text * to a Datum in cases
other than PG_RETURN_TEXT_P, it is used for calling text_substr functions
using DirectFunctionCallN.  BTW, this usage of text_substr using
PointerGetDatum was copied from the pre-existing textregexsubstr function.

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