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Heikki Linnakangas wrote:
> This patch makes CLUSTER MVCC-safe. Visibility information and update 
> chains are preserved like in VACUUM FULL.
> I created a new generic rewriteheap-facility to handle rewriting tables 
> in a visibility-preserving manner. All the update chain tracking is done 
> in rewriteheap.c, the caller is responsible for supplying the stream of 
> tuples.
> CLUSTER is currently the only user of the facility, but I'm envisioning 
> we might have other users in the future. For example, a version of 
> VACUUM FULL that rewrites the whole table. We could also use it to make 
> ALTER TABLE MVCC-safe, but there's some issues with that. For example, 
> what to do if RECENTLY_DEAD tuples don't satisfy a newly added constraint.
> One complication in the implementation was the fact that heap_insert 
> overwrites the visibility information, and it doesn't write the full 
> tuple header to WAL. I ended up implementing a special-purpose 
> raw_heap_insert function instead, which is optimized for bulk inserting 
> a lot of tuples, knowing that we have exclusive access to the heap. 
> raw_heap_insert keeps the current buffer locked over calls, until it 
> gets full, and inserts the whole page to WAL as a single record using 
> the existing XLOG_HEAP_NEWPAGE record type.
> This makes CLUSTER a more viable alternative to VACUUM FULL. One 
> motivation for making CLUSTER MVCC-safe is that if some poor soul runs 
> pg_dump to make a backup concurrently with CLUSTER, the clustered tables 
> will appear to be empty in the dump file.
> The documentation doesn't anything about CLUSTER not being MVCC-safe, so 
> I suppose there's no need to touch the docs. I sent a doc patch earlier 
> to add a note about it, that doc patch should still be applied to older 
> release branches, IMO.
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>    Heikki Linnakangas
>    EnterpriseDB

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