Magnus Hagander wrote:
Tom Lane wrote:
Zdenek Kotala <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
This patch brings possibility to switch from default build-in timezone to another timezone source - typically to OS timezone location.
It was discussed few weeks ago:
AFAIR, the conclusion of that discussion was we didn't want it.

I certainly don't see the point of the implementation as you have it
--- it adds a great deal of unnecessary infrastructure compared to just
installing a symlink at share/postgresql/timezone.

And if you wanted it in the backend instead of a symlink, shouldn't it
at least try to verify that the files in the timezone directory are
compatible before blindly accepting it?

I think that packager is responsible for verification his integration. It is same in both cases (configure or link solution). I'm not sure if it is necessary make check of timezone validity during build time. Build environment should be different from target system.

If you talk about checking timezone files on runtime, I hope Postgres verify timezone files every time.


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