Andrew Dunstan wrote:
Dave Page wrote:
Magnus Hagander wrote:
On Wed, Apr 25, 2007 at 02:57:41PM +0100, Dave Page wrote:
The MSVC installer doesn't install the headers in the same directory structure as the Mingw build. This causes other apps (such as Slony) to fail their configure tests.

The attached patch fixes this.

Applied, thanks.

FWIW, I mimicked the install layout on my Linux box. But we should
definitly be consistent with mingw instead :-)

Hmm, wonder why they are different? Especially as 8.2.4 on (Slackware 11) seems to have the same layout as mingw!

pg_config IYF.

try:  pg_config | grep INCLUDE

Right, but some of the directories that were in the wrong place were not ones that could be located in the pg_config output - for example, $INCLUDEDIR/internal was under $INCLUDEDIR/postgresql/internal.

And we really should make VC++ install in the same locations as mingw by default anyway.

Regards, Dave.

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