Tom Lane wrote:
> Dave Page <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> And we really should make VC++ install in the same locations as mingw by 
>> default anyway.
> I think you guys may be misinterpreting what's happening: this behavior
> is not platform-sensitive, it is path-sensitive.  In particular, the
> configure script will interpolate /postgresql into some of the
> installation paths unless the given path already contains "postgres"
> or "pgsql".  On some of my machines I build working versions into
> /home/postgres, and there I get paths like
>       /home/postgres/version82/share/timezone/...
> and on others I build into /home/tgl and get paths like
>       /home/tgl/version82/share/postgresql/timezone/...
> So what I think is happening is that Magnus is getting fooled by which
> username he builds under.  The thing to standardize on is the full
> path you want the stuff to install in (and make sure it doesn't mention
> postgres twice).

Yup. I had no idea it did that :-) It certainly explains the difference.
Since the default path is /usr/local/pgsql.. But on the linux box in
question I build into /home/mha/pginst/HEAD/.


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