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Pavel Stehule wrote:
> Hello
> This patch contains implementation of table functions defined in ANSI
> SQL 2003 (Conformance with SQL2003: T326 Table functions). Patch adds
> new proargmode PROARGMODE_TABLE (based on PROARGMODE_OUT). Columns of
> output table are similar OUT arguments, but don't generate any
> variables.
> Proposal:
> Description: SIGMOD Record, Vol. 33, No. 1, March 2004
> Patch contains three diffs:
>   * pgdumpclean  .. small readability fix for pg_dump.c
>   * tabfce             .. implementation of table functions
>   * plpgsql-tabfce  .. table expression support for plpgsql's return stmt
> This patch can broke applications which scan argmodes. Plpgsql support
> is separated because plpgsql implementation isn't standardised. But
> current plpgsql hasn't any method for one statement table output from
> function, and table expression is clean and simple tool for it.
> Older version was broken by enum patch and scrollable cursor patch.
> Older version didn't dump table functions correctly. It's fixed now.
> Regards
> Pavel Stehule

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