On 7 May 2007, at 23:25, Neil Conway wrote:

On Mon, 2007-07-05 at 19:48 +0100, Tomas Doran wrote:
As suggested in the TODO list (and as I need the functionality
myself), I have implemented the current_query interface to

* docs need a bit more detail (they should emphasize that it is the

Detail added. I'm none too happy with the phrasing, anyone suggest better?

* use textin() to convert C-style strings to text, rather than
constructing a text datum by hand


* perhaps we can get away with marking current_query() stable?

Also done, note OID has changed as I was having conflicts (template1 wouldn't build). Should I either pick something else unused which is lower (is there anything?), move current_query to the end of the file or just leave it be..

* AFAIK debug_query_string() still does the wrong thing when the user
submits multiple queries in a single protocol message (separated by
semi-colons). Not sure there's a way to fix that that is both easy and
efficient, though...

Should that be added to the TODO list?


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