On 10 May 2007, at 03:09, Alvaro Herrera wrote:
FWIW I think you should still provide dblink_current_query, even if it's
only a wrapper over current_query(), for backwards compatibility.

Good point. Done as suggested (I think, or did you mean also the change of instances to use current_query()?). Replaced dblink_current_query with an SQL procedure wrapper, I assume that's the most efficient way of doing it?

Also, typically we don't remove items from the TODO list. We mark them
as "done" prepending them with a dash.  Patch authors are not expected
to do it either (though I don't see it be a problem if they did).

Not quite sure what you're suggesting (which way round), so I just didn't do it (as you said I'm not expected to).

Doesn't matter ... just make sure duplicate_oids doesn't report a
problem.  unused_oids is useful to find, err, unused OIDs.

Ahh, hadn't found those, thanks. They're in the dev FAQ too, *blush*. I need this for something I'm doing at $ork, and thought I'd implement it in the backend, as well as a .so, it's been a learning experience :)

* AFAIK debug_query_string() still does the wrong thing when the user

Should that be added to the TODO list?

Probably ...



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