Gregory Stark wrote:
"Tom Lane" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

* I'm a bit concerned about dump order.  If a user wants to create
types named "foo" and "_foo", he can, but it will only work if he
makes "_foo" first --- else the derived type for foo is in the way.
Since pg_dump has no clue about that constraint, it might easily
dump "foo" first leading to an unrestorable dump.  The most usable
solution would be to auto-rename previously created array types,
but I dunno how implementable that would be.

BTW, why exactly do we need array types to have names at all? The only
user-visible way to refer to these types is always by foo[] isn't it?

I think you can use the _foo name, but it would certainly be an odd thing to do.

I'd be happy to get rid of the name, or at least make it something very unlikely indeed, but Tom didn't want to move too far from our present naming convention. I am now wondering if we shouldn't at lest append _arr or some such to the array type name, similarly to what we do for generated sequence and index names.



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