Tom Lane wrote:
Andrew Dunstan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
Tom Lane wrote:
Auto-rename.  I'm working on a patch now, and it doesn't look like it'll
be too awful.  Will post it for comments when it's working.

Ok, cool. I look forward to it.

Here's a bare-bones patch (no doc or regression tests).  Seems to work.
Anyone think this is too ugly a way to proceed?


Summarising the behaviour as I understand it:

. if you never name a type/table with a name beginning with underscore, behaviour is as expected - type foo gets array type _foo . if you create a type foo and then create a type _foo, the array type for foo will first be renamed to __foo, and the new array type for _foo will be ___foo . if you create type _foo and then create type foo, the corresponding array types will be __foo and ___foo as per my patch, with no renaming required.

I think I like it. Certainly seems to get round the ordering problem nicely.



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