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Gregory Stark wrote:
> So based on the feedback and suggestions here this is the interface I suggest:
> \connect&   - to open a new connection keeping the existing one
> \g&         - to submit a command asynchronously (like & in the shell)
> \S [Sess#]  - to _S_witch to a different _S_ession
>             - if no connection # specified list available _S_essions
> \D          - _D_isconnect from current session (like ^D in the shell)
> This leaves no way to submit an asynchronous command without using \g but I'm
> really not too concerned with that. I don't want to start messing with psql's
> semicolon parsing behaviour and I'm mainly only concerned with this for
> regression tests.
> Another thought I had for the future is a \C command to simulate C-c and send
> a query cancel. That would let us have regression tests that query
> cancellation worked. The tests would presumably have to be written using
> pg_sleep() to ensure they ran for long enough but even then there would be no
> way to control exactly when the interrupt arrived.
> Attached is an updated patch.
> I also found and fixed some missing ResetCancelConn()s. I think I got them all
> and the behaviour seems correct in practice when cancelling various
> combinations of synchronous queries, asynchronous queries, and backslash
> commands. The one thing I wonder about is that I'm a bit concerned I may have
> introduced an assumption about how many resultsets arrive from a single query.
> I'll be offline for a few days but I'll be back Monday.

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