Tom Lane wrote:
Andrew Dunstan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
Yeah, quite possibly. I'm also wondering if we are wasting effort downcasing what will in most cases be the same pattern over and over again. Maybe we need to look at memoizing that somehow, or at least test to see if that would be a gain.

Someone (Itagaki-san IIRC) suggested that we ought to convert
"x ILIKE y" into "lower(x) LIKE lower(y)" at some fairly early
stage, definitely before constant-folding in the planner.  That
would take care of that issue without any run-time mechanism,
and would open opportunities for making use of an index on lower(x).

I recall thinking at the time that there were some potential downsides,
but right at the moment I'm darned if I can see any --- especially
if we're going to make ILIKE do this uniformly at runtime anyway.

Sounds like a TODO item. I'm already concerned a bit about scope creep for this item.



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