I agree this will unnecessary add arguments to the DefineIndex API. If we
> stick to the patch's earlier way of converting the Oid to names for just
> these 2 arguments, we can avoid this IMO.
> Considering that we will be generating this information from existing
> index information, I think converting the Oids to names is safe enough.
> Alvaro, do you think we should stick to the existing patch mechanism
> considering that it avoids polluting the API?

Not sure.  Is it possible that the schema is renamed while the operation
is being executed?  If it's not then this not a problem at all so the
existing patch is fine.

I doubt if accessMethod name will change.  The tableSpace name can change,
but the possibility is no worse to doing a [CREATE TABLE table_name ...
TABLESPACE tablespace]. So this should be reasonably ok.

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