This version updates the patch to CVS HEAD and has various fixes and
refactoring, including proper docs. I refactored get_opclass_name() into
lsyscache.c, but then realized that this means that lsyscache.c will
depend on commands/indexcmds.c (for GetDefaultOpClass()), which is
arguably improper, so I'm tempted to revert and just duplicate the
syscache lookups in both ruleutils.c and parse_utilcmd.c

Yes, I too would vote for duplicating the  lookups for the sake of

Nikhil: why are both "options" and "inhreloptions" necessary in
IndexStmt? Won't at least one be NULL?

Yes, in the CREATE..LIKE case, options will be NULL and in the normal
CREATE..INDEX case inhreloptions will be NULL. Note that options is a List
of DefElem entries, whereas inhreloptions is a char pointer.

The challenge was with converting the stored reloptions belonging to the
parent index into some form which could be consumed by
transformRelOptions(). It was difficult to convert it into a list of DefElem
entries and hence I had to introduce inhreloptions.

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