Joachim Wieland wrote:
> On Fri, May 25, 2007 at 10:33:41AM -0400, Tom Lane wrote:
> > We should find out why that's happening rather than just throwing an
> > ORDER BY at it.  Considering the number of buildfarm machines that
> > aren't showing any such problem, there must be something odd about
> > yours.  What's the platform?  What plan is being chosen for that SELECT?
> It's regular Debian Linux 2.6 on ix86.
> EXPLAIN SELECT conname FROM pg_constraint WHERE conrelid = 
> 'clstr_tst'::regclass;
>                                             QUERY PLAN
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>  Index Scan using pg_constraint_conrelid_index on pg_constraint 
> (cost=0.00..8.27 rows=1 width=64)
>    Index Cond: (conrelid = 170982::oid)
> (2 rows)
> SELECT conname FROM pg_constraint WHERE conrelid = 'clstr_tst'::regclass;
>     conname
> ----------------
>  clstr_tst_con
>  clstr_tst_pkey
> (2 rows)
> As said before, it only happens with "make installcheck", not "make check".

Maybe there's an autovacuum run just before the test that causes
pg_constraint entries to be reordered?

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