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> - What units should we use for the new GUC variables? From 
> implementation point of view, it would be simplest if 
> checkpoint_write_rate is given as pages/bgwriter_delay, similarly to 
> bgwriter_*_maxpages. I never liked those *_maxpages settings, though, a 
> more natural unit from users perspective would be KB/s.

checkpoint_maxpages would seem like a better name; we've already had
those _maxpages settings for 3 releases, so changing that is not really
an option (at so late a stage). We don't really care about units because
the way you use it is to nudge it up a little and see if that works

Can we avoid having another parameter? There must be some protection in
there to check that a checkpoint lasts for no longer than
checkpoint_timeout, so it makes most sense to vary the checkpoint in
relation to that parameter.

> - The signaling between RequestCheckpoint and bgwriter is a bit tricky. 
> Bgwriter now needs to deal immediate checkpoint requests, like those 
> coming from explicit CHECKPOINT or CREATE DATABASE commands, differently 
> from those triggered by checkpoint_segments. I'm afraid there might be 
> race conditions when a CHECKPOINT is issued at the same instant as 
> checkpoint_segments triggers one. What might happen then is that the 
> checkpoint is performed lazily, spreading the writes, and the CHECKPOINT 
> command has to wait for that to finish which might take a long time. I 
> have not been able to convince myself neither that the race condition 
> exists or that it doesn't.

Is there a mechanism for requesting immediate/non-immediate checkpoints?

pg_start_backup() should be a normal checkpoint I think. No need for
backup to be an intrusive process.

> - to coordinate the writes with with checkpoint_segments, we need to 
> read the WAL insertion location. To do that, we need to acquire the 
> WALInsertLock. That means that in the worst case, WALInsertLock is 
> acquired every bgwriter_delay when a checkpoint is in progress. I don't 
> think that's a problem, it's only held for a very short duration, but I 
> thought I'd mention it.

I think that is a problem. Do we need to know it so exactly that we look
at WALInsertLock? Maybe use info_lck to request the latest page, since
that is less heavily contended and we need never wait across I/O.

> - How should we deal with changing GUC variables that affect LDC, on the 
> fly when a checkpoint is in progress? The attached patch finishes the 
> in-progress checkpoint ASAP, and reloads the config after that. We could 
> reload the config immediately, but making the new settings effective 
> immediately is not trivial.

No need to do this during a checkpoint, there'll be another along
shortly anyhow.

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