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Greg can't choose to use checkpoint_segments as the limit and then complain about unbounded recovery time, because that was clearly a conscious choice.

I'm complaining only because everyone seems content to wander in a direction where the multiplier on checkpoint_segments for how many segments are actually active at once will go up considerably, which can make a known problem (recovery time) worse. I'm thinking about things like how the release notes for 8.3 are going to address this. It the plan to say something like "whatever you set checkpoint_segments to before so you were happy with the crash recovery time, make sure to re-run all those tests again because we made a big change there, it may take a lot longer now with the same value, and too bad if you don't like it because there's no way to get the old behavior back. Suck it up, decrease checkpoint_segments, and get used to having more checkpoints if you have to keep the same recovery time".

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