Tom Lane wrote:

There are two approaches we could take to fixing this:

1. Redirect_stderr is the start-time flag for both features, ie, if it's
set we always create both pipes and start the syslogger, but
Log_destination controls what actually gets used.  (Possibly
Redirect_stderr should be renamed if we go this way.)

2. Invent a new PGC_POSTMASTER GUC variable that says whether to create
the CSV pipe; then the syslogger process is started if either flag is

#1 seems simpler but it might be too restrictive.  (In particular I'm
not too sure what happens to the syslogger's own stderr.)

I'm looking at doing #1, but I'm not sure where I can sensibly check that redirection is on if cvslog destination is specified. I could check when elog() is called, but that seems wasteful. Any ideas? I'd hate to have to fall back on making CSVlogging a PGC_POSTMASTER setting.



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