Tom Lane wrote:
Andrew Dunstan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
I'm looking at doing #1, but I'm not sure where I can sensibly check that redirection is on if cvslog destination is specified. I could check when elog() is called, but that seems wasteful. Any ideas?

It's only one extra bool test in elog(), isn't it?

        if ((Log_destination & LOG_DESTINATION_CSV) && Redirect_stderr)

Hardly seems worth major contortions to avoid, considering the number of
cycles an elog() call expends anyway.

I thought about adding an assign-hook for Log_destination that forbids
setting the CSV bit unless Redirect_stderr is set, but the trouble with
that is that it's making unsupportable assumptions about the order in
which the GUC variables will be set.


agreed. Creating infrastructure for checking internal consistency of GUC vars would be a major pain.

After sleeping on it I came to pretty much the conclusion you did, although I'm testing for redirection_done rather than the GUC setting directly. My current skeleton looks like this:

   if (Log_destination & LOG_DESTINATION_STDERR)
       if (redirection_done)
           /* send CSV data down the pipe if it's safe to do so */
           char * msg = _("Not safe to send CSV data\n");
           write(fileno(stderr),, buf.len);



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