Tom Lane wrote:
> Something that was annoying me yesterday was that it was not clear
> whether we had fixed every single place that uses a tsearch config file
> to assume that the file is in UTF8 and should be converted to database
> encoding.  So I was thinking of hardwiring the "recode" part into
> readstopwords, and using wordop just for the "lowercase" part, which
> seemed to me like a saner division of labor.  That is, UTF8 is a policy
> that we want to enforce globally, but lowercasing maybe not, and this
> still leaves the door open for more processing besides lowercasing.

I think we also want to always run input files through pg_verify_mbstr.
We do it for stopwords, and synonym files (though incorrectly), but not
for thesaurus files or ispell files. It's probably best to do that
within the recode-function as well.

  Heikki Linnakangas

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