Heikki Linnakangas wrote:
> Tom Lane wrote:
>> Something that was annoying me yesterday was that it was not clear
>> whether we had fixed every single place that uses a tsearch config file
>> to assume that the file is in UTF8 and should be converted to database
>> encoding.  So I was thinking of hardwiring the "recode" part into
>> readstopwords, and using wordop just for the "lowercase" part, which
>> seemed to me like a saner division of labor.  That is, UTF8 is a policy
>> that we want to enforce globally, but lowercasing maybe not, and this
>> still leaves the door open for more processing besides lowercasing.
> I think we also want to always run input files through pg_verify_mbstr.
> We do it for stopwords, and synonym files (though incorrectly), but not
> for thesaurus files or ispell files. It's probably best to do that
> within the recode-function as well.

Ok, here's an updated version of the patch.

- ispell initialization crashed on empty dictionary file
- ispell initialization crashed on affix file with prefixes but no suffixes
- stop words file was ran through pg_verify_mbstr, with database
encoding, but it's later interpreted as being UTF-8. Now verifies that
it's UTF-8, regardless of database encoding.

- introduces new t_readline function that reads a line from a file,
verifies that it's valid UTF-8, and converts it to database encoding.
Modified all places that read tsearch config files to use this function
instead of fgets directly.

- readstopwords now sorts the stop words after loading them. Removed the
separate sortstopwords function.

- moved the wordop-input parameter from StopList struct to a direct
argument to readstopwords. Seems cleaner to me that way, the struct is
now purely an output of readstopwords, not mixed input/output.
readstopwords now recodes the input implicitly using t_readline.

- bunch of comments added, typos fixed, and other cleanup

PS. It's bank holiday here in the UK on Monday, so I won't be around
until Tuesday if something comes up.

  Heikki Linnakangas
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