Teodor Sigaev wrote:
> Heikki, I see some strange changes in your patch, not related to tsearch
> at all:
> contrib/pageinspect/pageinspect.sql.in
> contrib/pageinspect/rawpage.c

Oh, sorry about that. Just ignore them, they are some quick&dirty
debugging functions I had in the same source tree.

>> The usage of the QueryItem struct was very confusing. It was used for
>> both operators and operands. For operators, "val" was a single character
>> casted to a int4, marking the operator type. For operands, val was the
>> CRC-32 of the value. Other fields were used only either for operands or
>> for operators. The biggest change in the patch is that I broke the
>> QueryItem struct into QueryOperator and QueryOperand. Type was really
> ...
>> - Removed ParseQueryNode struct used internally by makepol and friends.
>> push*-functions now construct QueryItems directly.
> It's needed to set unused bytes in QueryItem to zero, it's common
> requiremens for types in pgsql. After allocating space for tsquery in
> parse_tsquery you copy  just sizeof(QueryOperator) bytes and leave
> sizeof(QueryItem) - sizeof(QueryOperator) bytes untouched. QueryOperand
> is a biggest component in QueryItem union. I don't check other places.

Ok. Probably easiest to do that by changing the palloc to palloc0 in

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