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Andrew Dunstan wrote:
> Gregory Stark wrote:
> > Do we have anyone actively maintaining pltcl these days? I'm intentionally
> > quite unfamiliar with Tcl or I would be happy to verify it's reasonable. But
> > the explanation seems pretty convincing. If we don't have anyone maintaining
> > it then we're pretty much at the mercy of applying whatever patches come in
> > from people who are more familiar with it than us. In my experience that's 
> > how
> > new maintainers for modules of free software are often found anyways.
> >
> >   
> I was hoping that Jan or somebody else with some Tcl-fu would comment. I 
> agree it probably shouldn't be deferred.
> It does bother me a bit that the Tcl engine startup just starts firing 
> up threads without advertisement - I wondered if we shouldn't kick back 
> and say it's their problem to fix.
> cheers
> andrew

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