Tom Lane wrote:
> Stefan Kaltenbrunner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> yeah testing that patch now (seems to apply just fine on -HEAD) but it
>> seems that there is something strange going on because I just got:
> ! ERROR:  could not read block 2 of relation 1663/16384/2606: read only 0 of 
> 8192 bytes
> Is that repeatable?  What sort of filesystem are you testing on?
> (soft-mounted NFS by any chance?)

doesn't seem to be repeatable :-(

on the postitive side - the pltcl patch does seem to fix the mentioned
regression failures quagga triggered earlier this year. I did about a
dozends of full buildfarm runs with that patch and about ten manual
executions of the pltcl regression tests without any sign of
misbehaviour so this seems like a clear candidate for at least -HEAD.


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